Music artist Jay Burna rose to fame largely due to versatile flows and creative ambitions. Part writer, composer, and director, the South Florida rapper spends the majority of his time in the studio. “My music is a journey through life” says Jay Burna. The talented rapper founded and operates Black Congress Music Group, the independent label behind his records.

Jay Burna has worked with artists such as Grammy winning producers Bigg D and Lambo of 12th & Collins, Jerry Wonda , RCA recording artist Kid Ink, R&B singer Sammie, Atlantic recording artist CurrenSy and more. Jay Burna – “Ready” has been featured on MTV, VH1, and more. Jay Burna’s hot new single “Mood” premiered on the front page of Vibe Magazine. Since then Jay Burna – “Mood” has charted as high as #119 on urban radio and the #19 indie song in the world – and still climbing! This marks a strong finish to an already stellar 2015 for Jay Burna which included being voted one of hip hop’s rising indie stars.




Woman Crush w/ Jay Burna @ The Vault

Tuition Editions @ King of Diamonds

A3C Festival: The Earl w/ special guest Jay Burna @ A3C Main Stage

A3C Festival: BCMG & Jay Burna invasion @ Blu Cantina/A3C

The Takeover @ The Office

Single Release Party w/ Jay Burna @ PTs

Lil Boosie w/ Special Guest Jay Burna @The Fairgrounds

DJ Epps & Jay Burna @ Will Call

Jay Burna exclusive rehearsal @ Bird Road Art District

The Plug feat BCMG @ C&I Studios

City of Gods featuring Jay Burna & BCMG @ Grand Central

VIP “Fear Is A Lie” Listening Session @ Jade Ocean

MMC/Ultra Week- Burna on the Beach @ Private Yacht

Community Block Party featuring Jay Burna @ 103.5FM DJ Epps Week

Late Night “Fear Is A Lie” w/ Jay Burna and DJ Epps @ Club Astor

The Plug 2 @ GOA Lounge

Curren$y Pilot Talk III Tour featuring special guest Jay Burna @ Venue 578

Curren$y Pilot Talk III Tour featuring special guest Jay Burna @ Grand Central

Curren$y Pilot Talk III Tour featuring special guest Jay Burna @ The Orpheum

Street Execs presents Jay Burna & Maine Event @ Harlem Nights

Cypher House featuring Jay Burna & friends @ Cyn Nightclub

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Q: Describe your music style
A: My music style is life, feelings, emotions.
Q:When not vibing out to your own stuff, who are you listening to?
A: Kanye West, Jay-Z
Q:If not in the music game you’d be….
A: [laughs] I’d still being doing music in some way, business, A&R exec…..it allows me to have freedom, to me that’s key.
Q:You write, compose, rap, sing, direct videos, what don’t you do?
A: As I’ve progressed I have learned to let some of it go. Now, I have a great team [BCMG] around me. Its a comparative advantage thing, my focus is all on the music and positive vibes. I still have my hands in everything because the overall product is important, but its great to have help
Q:Where does that creative drive come from?
A: Life. I’ve always been the weird child [laughs]. Its always been something different, my grandma was always areound art, she was a jeweler. She introduced to me so many different celebrities and to so many different thought processes. I just soaked it all up. A large part of my creative side comes from my father too
Q:”READY” has obviously gotten a strong response. Gone viral on social, the streams, its in rotation on MTV, VH1, and getting serious radio play. What is it about the record have got people loving it?
A: “READY” is a breath of fresh air. Its not your typical record – its smooth and also danceable, makes you feel good. Its not like anything that’s out right now
Q:Earlier this year you dropped the EP Fear is a Lie. Up next down the line is the album Music Angel, what can we expect?
A: Life experiences. Fear is a Lie is a project about how self defeat limits people. Fear is a Lie reminds people that fear is just an illusion. The EP pushes listeners to defeat obstacles and to always do better for yourself The album, Music Angel, is more in depth. It delves much more into my life. There’s a lot of art and a lot of feelings.
Q: Now, let’s talk about diverse skill set – you back all that up with a smash “MOOD” produced by Grammy Winners Bigg D & Lambo.  The single “MOOD” is climbing the charts I hear, tell us about it?
A:We are on trajectory to have a Top 10 record, that’s my goal. Its special that I can even say that considering I have’t signed to anyone yet.


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